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  • USD $1,399.00

    Spectre 2.0

    ETA: 4 weeks until shipping.

    Introducing Spectre 2.0:

    • Vertical GPU Mount now included.
    • 40% more fluid flow inside manifold.
    • Stronger, lighter manifold design.
    • 60% less manifold fasteners for a cleaner manifold.
    • Fully serviceable manifold (easy to dismantle and will not void warranty).
    • Cable routing tweaks to improve cable routing for Core Components,Fans & Lighting.
    • New ventilation design on front and top panels.
    • Front I/O Removed. Power Button Only for a cleaner build.
    • Streamlined 8pin EPS, 4pin ATX Cable Routing with more direct route.
    • Smaller more streamlined rear cable cover.
    • Spectre Elite Kit add-on now available, adding two more manifolds.
    • The first commercially available case with an integrated manifold, designed exclusively for liquid cooling.
    • Significant cost savings due to integration of the reservoir, pump top, pump cover & roughly half of the liquid cooling loop. Close to half of liquid cooling component costs are saved in an ideal scenario.
    • Modder friendly, no rivets, low component count, easy to assemble and disassemble. Easy to paint and modify aluminium components.
    • Large radiator capacity, double that of the typical mid-tower case. 2x 360mm radiators 60mm thickness and thicker is possible.
    • Designed for maximum compatibility with a wide range of liquid cooling components.
    • Supports multi GPU configurations.
    • Flat packs down to slightly larger than the size of the manifold.
    • Maximum compatibility specifically for high end components. Enormous GPU and PSU length capabilities
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask us by using the "Questions & Answers" form below.
    USD $1,399.00
    USD $1,399.00
  • USD $549.00

    Spectre Elite Kit – Front Manifold

    , ,
    Include: 1x Front Manifold  
    USD $549.00
    USD $549.00
  • USD $249.00

    Spectre Elite Kit – Side Manifold

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    Include: 1x Side Manifold  
    USD $249.00
    USD $249.00