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  • USD $1,399.00

    Spectre 3.0 Case Black

    INTRODUCING SPECTRE 3.0: Spectre 3.0 has been completely re designed from the ground up. The case is larger in all dimensions and has been upgraded to be compatible with XL-ATX with an extra expansion slot for a total of 8. Spectre 3.0 has been designed to fit the RTX 3090 even the Founders Edition with the stock cooler. There is more space to comfortably fit 360mm radiators up to 60mm thick. The reservoir is easier to fill and the loop quicker and easier to bleed. The cable management fits EPS on both sides of the motherboard and can fit up to 3x 8pin EPS. The PCIE is routed through the PSU Top Panel with capacity for up to 6x PCIE 8pin cables. The case has a completely new aesthetic with far more detailed machining on the metal components. We have removed curves and instead used angles with cut outs and depth machining to create an even more skeletal and transparent look to align with the original ideas of the case. D5 Pump not included.
    USD $1,399.00
    USD $1,399.00
  • USD $449.00
    USD $449.00