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SC Wraith ITX/DTX Case Black
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SC Wraith ITX/DTX Case Black

USD $636.65

Introducing Wraith:

From the people who brought you the first ever PC Chassis liquid cooling integration, we now bring you Wraith. In development for the past 2 years since the release of Spectre, Wraith has all of the features of Spectre but in a smaller Mini-ITX Mini-DTX form factor. Now you can fit the most extreme components on the market into a very small space and have the ultimate in liquid cooling. Integrated cooling components include the Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port and over half of the cooling loop. Integration and compatibility do not have to work against each other when you have more than a decade of experience building extreme liquid cooled systems. From a combination of statistics and experience we have created a port layout which will not inhibit compatibility or your creativity. Wraith has a cable cover so that stock cables can be used in a clean configuration, custom cables are not necessary. Despite its compact size Wraith can fit full sized GPUs, 2x 240mm radiators, 13x 2.5” drives and even a 3.5” drive and more. The case is designed to be modified and every component can be completely disassembled. As always we look forward to seeing your creativity with our design.

ETA: 3 weeks

D5 Pump not included.


Frequently Bought Together

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Price for all three: USD $927.30


Singularity Computers created the first chassis with liquid cooling integration. Wraith has an integrated Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover and half of the cooling loop. This means that you do not have to purchase these components or install them which reduces costs and particularly build time. Fill and drain ports are also integrated to simplify filling and draining your loop. Many performance optimizations are included with the integrated components. The integrated liquid cooling system has been designed with fluid dynamics in mind and the thick aluminium panels allow for extra heat dissipation from the radiators. 

Manufacturing Process:

Created with a manufacturing process used in industries such as aerospace. All components are carved from a solid block of material with extreme precision. 6061 aluminum, cast acrylic and stainless steel. Manifold technology developed for Spectre 2.0 with gaskets, stainless steel fasteners and thread inserts. Every case is carefully assembled and tested by a team of experts.

Wraith Features:

  • Singularity Computers Liquid Cooling Integration.
  • Integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port and half of the cooling loop.
  • The second commercially available case with an integrated manifold, designed exclusively for liquid cooling.
  • Significant cost savings due to liquid cooling component integration.
  • Designed so that the integration does not restrict compatibility.
  • All components CNC machined from a solid block of material.
  • Built from 6061 Anodized Aluminum, Cast Acrylic and Stainless Steel.
  • Aluminum is Anodized for the most durable and resistant finish.
  • All stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Uses gaskets instead of O-rings for increase durability.
  • Fits 2x 240mm 30mm thick radiators.
  • Adjustable radiator mounts to align the radiator ports to the integrated liquid cooling ports.
  • The Reservoir is designed for easy filling and air removal.
  • The Drain Port is at the lowest point for effective and easy draining of the loop.
  • External fill port for easy access, internal drain port so that drain valve does not protrude from the case.
  • 13x 2.5” and 1x 3.5” drive capacity.
  • Two mounting configurations for the 2.5” drives, one for aesthetics and the other for maximum capacity.
  • Vertical GPU Mount.
  • The entire manifold glows with the addition of a single LED Strip.
  • Front lighting feature.
  • Cable shroud means custom cables are not necessary.
  • Modder friendly, no rivets, low component count, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Fits full length and ultra-wide GPUs


  • Motherboard Form Factor: Mini-ITX , Mini-DTX
  • Case Dimensions: 407mm x 407mm x 170mm (including legs)
  • Package Dimensions: 450mm x 500mm x 120mm
  • Case Weight: 7kg
  • Case Packaged Weight: 8kg.
  • Expansion Slots: x2
  • Storage: 2.5″ x13, 3.5” x1.
  • PSU Compatibility: SFX, SFX-L.
  • Radiator Top: 240mm x30mm.
  • Radiator Front: 240mm x30mm.
  • Maximum GPU Length: 300mm.
  • Maximum GPU Thickness: 2 slots.
  • Maximum GPU Width: Fits the widest GPUs.
  • Maximum PSU Length: 170mm
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 130mm
  • Front Panel I/O: Vandal Switch 16mm.
  • Fittings compatibility: G1/4″ BSPP Standard.
  • Fittings: Click here for more details
  • Pump compatibility: All D5 Pumps (Pump Not Included).
  • Vertical GPU Mount: Included with High Quality Ribbon Cable.
  • Materials: 6061 Alloy, Acrylic, Stainless Steel.
  • Manufacturing Process: CNC Router, CNC Mill, CNC Lathe.

Wraith Custom Cable lengths:

PCI-E: 220mm
24pin: 280mm
EPS/ATX (right side of the motherboard): 300mm
EPS/ATX (left side of the motherboard): 450mm

Click here to order the custom cable builder
Included Items:

  • Wraith Case.
  • Reservoir.
  • D5 Pump Top.
  • D5 Pump Cover.
  • D5 O-Ring.
  • Fill Port.
  • Drain Port. (Needs Valve).
  • Stop Fittings x2.
  • Power Cord Internal Extension Cable.
  • Vertical GPU Mount With Ribbon Cable.
  • Acrylic Side Panel Window.

Not Included:

  • RGB LED Strips.
  • D5 Pump.
  • Power Supply.
  • Power Supply External Cable.

Download Manual

Wraith Manual 1.95 Wraith Liquid Cooling System Layout Wraith Assembly Layout 1.92

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 450 × 500 × 120 mm
Cable lengths

PCIE: 220mm
24pin: 280mm
EPS/ATX (right side of the motherboard): 300mm
EPS/ATX (left side of the motherboard): 450mm


Mini ITX – Standard, latest DTX version

Wraith Bitspower Fittings List

90 Degree Single: x8. Hard line Compression: x10. Extension 15mm: x2. Adjustable Aqualink Pipe 1 (22-31mm): x2. Mini D-Plug: x3. Female to Female Multi Transfer Adapter: x2. Mini Valve: x1.


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    Most of the newer version are flat packed (new packaging) so this would be the best way to distinguish between them. There are also a long list of other changes including increased ventilation and more space for longer PSUs.

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    Currently we dont have plans to release a tempered glass window but we can do custom ones upon request.

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    We are ready to put it into production now but the price is 3x PCIE 3.0 so we are not sure people would want to pay so much, we are looking at cheaper options. Current ETA is unknown.

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    You will need roughly 1L of coolant for Wraith.

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